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Program Alternatif - Agroindustry brings agriculture into perfectioan
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Program Alternatif

fatetaFull program

First year of study (2 semesters) student must attend common preparation course, second year (after 2 semesters) until fourth year enroll courses in DAT. Courses, internship program and final project conducted in English. Internship program organized in semester 6th in goverment and private institution or industry.

Credit earning activity

Students may take credit earning activity by taking several courses that accordance between partnerĺs university and DATĺs university.

Final project activity with join supervision and supplement course

Students will conduct final project in partnerĺs university for approximately 1 semester with supervised of áDAT and partnerĺs lecturer, whileá taking one course as a supplement course at partnerĺs university.

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