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Proses Akreditasi


Overview of Accreditation Process

  • Step 1: The process usually begins in January of the first year, when the institution requests accreditation for its programs.
  • Step 2: The campus visit is usually conducted between September and December of the first year.
  • Step 3: After the visit, the Team Chair develops a Draft Statement to the institution by editing and combining the material written by the Program Evaluators and adding material that applies to the institution as a whole.
  • Step 4: The Draft Statement is reviewed by two Editors from the respectiveCommission and by ABET headquarters staff for adherence to standards and consistency with other Draft Statements.
  • Step 5: The edited Draft Statement is sent to the institution, which has 30 days to respond
  • Step 6: The Team Chair uses the response from the institution to prepare the Final Statement, which again is edited and then provided to the full Commission for action.
  • Step 7: Final accreditation decisions are made at the Summer Commission Meeting in July of the second year.
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