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Rencana TIN Menuju Akreditasi ABET



To implement the accreditation process, there are several steps that will be passed. Stages can be seen in the timeline diagram below:

The first stage will be implemented in January 2011 to come.

To carry this accreditation, ATSP has been doing some activities that can support, including:

  1. Prepare The Self Study Documents Quesioners;
  2. Prepare The Documents Supplemental Materials;
  3. Develop Administration System and Academic Management Listing;
  4. Develop Education Implementation System i.e workshop, case studies, physical facilities, and others.

What ATSP plan to support this program?

To support this program ATSP has some plans as follows:

  1. Invite experts from the program study that has been obtained ABET accreditation;
  2. Developing an integrated information system to facilitate the process of continuous tracer study;
  3. Improve the assessment system and its analysis for the achievement of departement objectives, course objectives, competence appropriate to ABET; and
  4. Improve the assessment system and the analysis in the level of BAU institutions, units, and faculty.
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