2019 Indonesia Summer Course Program

Hosted by Agorindustrial Technology Department-IPB University in collaboration with College Engineering-Villanova University.

The Department of Agroindustrial Technology in collaboration with the College Engineering Villanova University (United States) will hold the 2019 Summer Course Program on July 7 – 20 2019. The program is structured with the aim of Providing alternative international education activities and increasing graduates’ abilities through:

  • experience-based learning in a multidisciplinary and multicultural atmosphere
  • improvement in engineering capabilities related to the development of sustainable agroindustry
  • increasing empathy and closeness with the community in their social environment



PROGRAM DESCRIPTION A 6-week internship + coursework in Indonesia which gives you a fully immersed experience while learning about sustainability concepts and engineering approaches in sustainable design and development, specifically on issues related agriculture along with environmental health for global development. You will visit three culturally-rich regions in West Java, Central Java and Bali, where you will work and learn side-by-side with local Indonesian students with guidance from Villanova University and local university faculty. From taking the course you will receive 3.0 course credits from Bogor Agricultural University, which may be transferred to Villanova as transfer credits
LOCATION West Java  and Central Java (in collaboration with Bogor Agricultural Institute) and in  Bali (in collaboration with Cau Chocolate cooperation & Institute
DATES July 7 – July 20*dates subject to change
PROGRAM ACTIVITIES Bogor, West Java & Purwokerto, Central Java Course on “Sustainable Agroindustry: Adding values to local commodities in rural areas” – 3 credit course for 2 ½ weeks.   First week at Bogor Agricultural University – on campus learning on fundamentals and theories.  Second week: field trip and project-based learning at a village in Purwokerto district, Central Java
ELIGIBILITY Program open for Sophomore, Junior and Senior students in Engineering and.  Minimum 3.0 GPA Non-engineering students who have taken Calculus I & II, General Chemistry and General Physics may be admitted with permission from the faculty program coordinator

Students participating in the Engineering for Sustainable Development in Indonesia program will develop:

  • ability to apply technical solutions to address global issues related to increasing the standard of living in developing world
  • ability to look beyond applications of technology to address global issues,
  • cultural fluency, flexibility, adaptability, humility and an ability to listen to others when addressing global issues
  • develop whole systems thinking with an ability to understand the complex relationships between variables that influence global issues.