Prof. Romli as IABEE delegation

Prof. Muhammad Romli was in action presenting progress and proving that IABEE had fulfilled all the requirements to become a member of Washington Accord (WA) at the annual meeting of the International Engineering Alliance (IEA), which this year was held in Hong Kong from 9-14 June 2019 with 180 participants from 38 countries and regions. Alhamdulillah, at the meeting IABEE was officially accepted as a Provisional Member of WA with unanimous votes from 20 member countries and the IABEE presentation rated as the best presentation in the history of WA. With this achievement, it is expected that in 2021 IABEE can obtain Signatory Status of WA.

Prof. Romli, Chair of IABEE International Committee making presentation

As is known, since 2013/2014 Indonesia has been preparing an international-level accreditation agency for engineering study programs by taking WA as its platform. IABEE (Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education) is a permanent body under PII that has autonomy in carrying out study program accreditation. Unlike mandatory accreditation of BAN-PT or LAM-PS, IABEE accreditation is voluntary. The study program that is eligible to apply for IABEE accreditation is a program that implements the Outcome-Based Education (OBE) system, a common platform for mutual recognition, and has been accredited with rank-A from BAN-PT.

The IEA is an alliance of 3 Engineering Educational Accords and 4 Engineers Mobility Agreements. The Educational Accord consists of Washington Accord (for engineering track), Sydney Accord (for engineering technology track), and Dublin Accord (for engineering technician track). The Mobility Agreement consists of Professional Engineers-, Engineering Technologists-, Engineering Technicians- and APEC Engineers- agreements.

By becoming a member of WA, graduates from IABEE-accredited study programs will be recognized as substantially equivalent to those graduated from other WA accredited-programs. Likewise, with IABEE being accepted as a member of WA, PII as a registrar and licensing institution for professional engineers in Indonesia has the right to become the member of Mobility Agreements, i.e. International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA), so that Indonesian engineers can be recognized as equivalent to those from agreement member countries.

IABEE delegation with the nominators: JABEE (Japan) and ABET (USA) at 2019 IEA Meeting Hong Kong