Research collaboration and join supervision

Adzimatinur Asfiani F3415004 have been doing her research in Faculty of Engineering and Agro-Industry, Maejo University, Chiang Mai Thailand under Dr. Endang Warsiki supervision, and Dr. Chananpat Rardniyom as co supervisor. She works under the team involving group of research students from Maejo University, they are Panchat sriwichai (May) and Pailin chaichana (Poy). The title of the research is “ Ripeness Indicator for Fruit Made from Tapioca and Amonium Molibdate”. This reasearch actually have been doing since 2015 involving a number of students both from IPB University and Maejo University. This topic had awarded as 110 Indonesia Innovation 2018

Laboratory work
Present the progress results
The team