SUMMER COURSE TIN 2019 goes to Indonesian Spice and Medicinal Crops Research Institute

This year SC program took Essential Oil as a topic. As we know that Indonesia is a country with a large number of diverse plant and among them are extracted for natural essential oil such as patchouli (nilam), vetiver (akarwangi), cananga (kenanga), cajuput (kayu putih), lemon grass (sereh dapur), clove (cengkeh), sandalwood (cendana), nutmeg (pala), cinnamon (kayu manis), cubeb or Javanese pepper (kemukus), and pepper (lada). In this program the students did not just have a look closely the grower and distiller of the essential oil, but also had deeply understanding to them thus they could obeserve and provide a solution-based approach to solving problems in the field for better products, services and processes.