Summer Course TIN 2021

The Department of Agroindustrial Technology in collaboration with College of Engineering Villanova University, again, will conduct the SUMMER COURSE TIN 2021 in SUSTAINABLE AGROINDUSTRY : Adding Value to Local Commodities in Rural Areas. This program also supported by Universiti Putra Malaysia, Maejo University, Indonesian Reserach Institute for Industrial Plant and Berverage, Ranin Coffee House, Kedai Teh Laresolo, PT Cau Chocolate and Kampung kopi Cibulau. It was noted that the Summer Course TIN has been awarded as 2nd winner in 2019 and as a nominee in 2020 base on IPB University International Award.

This program brings the students in a dynamic learning opportunity that they will enable access, understanding, and conceptual design on sustainable agroindustry. Eventhough this SC will be done virtually, however participant could expose the production and processes related to agroindustry through the lens of practitioners and farmers in the field. An important user-centered approach will be emphasized and collaboration with team members from different continents is also a key feature of this course. Students will be challenged to address different aspects of a complex problem, that will involve engineering, design, business acumen, social context and so much more.

So.. don’t miss this exciting opportunity that will expose you to a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural learning environment — a must have experience in today’s ever-changing professional demands.