The 51st e-IPB talk and Opening Summer Course TIN 2020

Departemen of Agroindustrial Technology (Faculty of Agriculture Technology and Engineering) and International Collaboration Office IPB Univeity will hold e-IPB Talk and Opening Ceremony of Summer Course 2020 on Sustainable Agroindustry. The theme will be sustainable agroindustry: act of value-adding commodity to be a product with special comodity of ChoCoTea (Chocolate, Coffee and Tea). This Summer Course is organized by Deapartment of Agroindustrial Techolology in Collaboration with College of Engineering-Vilanova University (U.S.A.), Maejo University (THAILAND) and Universiti Putra Malaysia (MALAYSIA). It is also supported by Udayana University, Jakarta State University (UNJ) and Indonesia Education University (UPI).

In this program, IPB talk will be discuss about sustainable rural society, one shall build a socially cohesive community system equipped with sustainable vital economies, by retaining their skilled stakeholders to develop universal access to amenities, envisioned for growth and development. It surely is a challenge but essential to one nation’s viability. U.S.A. government is among those who puts serious concerns on rural sustainability projects as targeted community covers 75% of total land area and how to enable self-sufficiency one of which through sustainable agroindustry.