Two Sudents from DAT join in Short Term Exchange Program (STEP)

Ilham Maulidin, and Salsabil Jannah, two students from selected in Department of agro-industrial technology 2015 represent the Indonesian government together from delegates around the world to join in Short Term Exchange Program (STEP) in Science and Engineering activities at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan period 1st October 2018 until 30th September 2019.

The program is held for a full year from early October 2018 to 30 September 2019. in a full year of studying there, generally it can be divided into 2 semesters which is 1 semester for learning and joining the courses and 1 semester left for conducting the research activity. The core of this program’s programming is not only filled with institutional visits, but students will also have a process of teaching and learning about agricultural developments and technology, Science and Engineering Courses, leadership training and various introductions in cultural and linguistic activities.

This program expects participants, able to learn the wisdom of local culture, use their creativity and create innovation with the spirit of collaboration in any field. Thus the youth will be able to become world leaders who have knowledge about Asian culture correctly and youth have a broad insight about agricultural technology innovation in Asia. Delegates are also given the opportunity to engage in displaying and promoting the culture of each country.

Moreover, the STEP @TUAT students also gained benefits to conducting the research internship with the laboratory which is they interested in and of course it will be a good chance to explore more about the research in Japan, and seeking for new networking in research collaboration in the future. The participation of the two Bogor Agricultural University students in this program is expected to become the government’s achievement in Indonesia in accelerating its productive and contributive students/youths to the society, campus, and nation of Indonesia.